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      Hi y'all! I am so happy and proud to be a new writer on this amazing blog which i've been reading for a while. I don't wanna bother you so i will try to make it short: my name is Sasha, I'm 18 and I'm Venusio on Stardoll. I will try my best to post different and interesting stuff as outfits, inspirations, tutorials, and more! I hope that you will like my doll and posts! xx

Jewels: MAWI - Dress: Basic - Vest: It girls - Shoes: Nelly - Bag: YSL

Suburb fur

Colete: Tingeling / Sapatos: Limited Edition / Saia: Evil Panda / Jaqueta: Fallen Angel / Blusa: Zuhair Murad / Chapéu:

Picture This

For those who are wondering what I'm wearing:

- Satin Lapel Blazer [RIO]
- Pretty Top [Pretty 'N Love]
- Elenasso Pants []
- Station Necklace [Folk]
- Hotbuys Armani Inspired Purse [Fallen Angel]
- Minimalist Strappy Stilettos [PPQ Cream Label]

dentro, fora. você espera que eu morra.

           you ruined my life and i cant rest in peace, i cant get clean

Street Style Funny

What am I wearing?

Face T Shirt (Callie´s Picks)
Chic Winter Arm Pose Dark (Strike a Pose)
High Waist Striped Skirt (Evil Panda)
Pink Shoes (Voile)
Double Chanel Purses (Callie´s Picks)
Black Monster Coin Purse (Fendi Tribute)
Fake Fur Grey Keyring (Nelly)

jufashionista4 xx


What am I wearing?

Classic White Sweater [Bonjour Bizou]
Hot Buys Valentin Dress [Pretty 'N Love]
Hot Buys Crossbody Purse [HOT BUYS]
White Buckled Ski Belt [Aprés Ski]
Rosa PVC Stilettos [Riviera]

x brandy112

SFW - Review Stardoll Fashion Week #2

Grey and White

What am I wearing ?

-Tiffany Top (Callie´s Picks)
-DIY Ripped Jeans (Callie´s Pick)
-Palermo Long Vest (It Girls)
-Pure White Belt (Melbourne Minimalism)
-White Buckled Ski Belt (Apres Ski)
-Subcouture Raf Bag (Subcouture) 
-Jourdan Stilettos (Young Hollywood)
-Dior Inspired Two Tone Shades (Epiphany)
-Whitw Chocker (StarDesign)

jufashionista4 xx


Vestido: PPQ / Cachecol 1: Subcouture / Cachecol 2: Hot Hot Buys / Sapato: Melbourne Minimalism

love, mikatsi.xx