Blue Boy

"Blue boy, older than the world knows, honey, that's the way that life goes, no use acting so tough. Come down, sweetheart, grow up"

the future?

glasses // jet set
jacket // easter edition
top // strike a pose
skirt // young hollywood
bag // dolce and gabbana
shoes // millionaire mansion fashion

Canary yellow

    Blusa: LE / Saia: Bonjour Bizou / Sapatos: Royalt / Bolsa: Callie's Picks / Colar: YH / Anel: MAWI
Jufashionista4 xx


    Jacket by: Lisa Young / Skirt by: Aeon Flux / Givenchy Boots by: AngelinaVer

Jufashionista4 xx


Vestidos: MOSCHINO por Bruna Graphics; Óculos: DIOR por Johanna Rodriguez; Botas: ALEXANDER WANG por Janette Low; Bolsas: GIVENCHY e  KORS. 

These Fendi bags is a bad habit ❤

Top: YH / Calça: / Colete: LE / Cinto: LE / Sapato: YH / Bolsa: Fendi / Lenço: Fendi 


Karma Police

I don't wanna feel blue anymore

Blusas: Special Offer + Denim Supply / Calça: Bunny Hop / Sapatos: Young Hollywood / Bolsas: LE e Chanel / Colar: It girls / Óculos: Espectacular  / Brinco: Young Hollywood / Anéis: Glamu'rs / Pulseira: Gllamu'rs

A Fashion Icon: Rihanna

"My tits bother you? They're covered in Swarovski crystals gurl!"

I've been a fan of Rihanna's style for a while now, she may be one of the best artist in the music industry but Rih is also a fashion icon, in my opinion. She is versatile and I love that, from her simple yet stunning look from the BET - Black Girls Rock event to her iconic outfit at the CFDA awards, Rihanna proved us many time why she is the queen.
Here is some of my favorite looks: 

 Thanks to Zara Lachelle (Donat) for helping me with the pictures.

So I was inspired by her style and decided to create some outfits. Attention, just to make it clear, I'm not copying her, just creating something in the same style, something that she would actually wear. Let's get started! So the first outfit is quite simple and white, I am wearing the PPQ SS15 Bikini, a fur from YSL, the trousers are from PPQ, shoes from Nelly and chain necklaces from Royalty. It's an old outfit to be honest, but I love it! The second outfit is a little bit more different, really street style, switched the huge hair for some tiny braids from Tress-up, the coat is from Original Future, the bra is from Velvet Orchid, the trousers are from Killah and the shoes are from Nelly. Now I love this one, probably one of my fav, because it's lowkey the kind of stuff that I would wear on a daily basis.Third outfit! The coat is from royalty, the dress is from LE, the necklace is from Royalty, the shoes are from Fallen Angel. I love this one as it reminds me of Rih's outfit with the leather jacket and bantu knot hair, wish I had my Kim K Jacket tho, it would've been better. Finally the last outfit is something between the street style and the luxe. The coat is from PPQ, the top is from Diesel, the hair accesorie is from Subcouture, the short is from Evil Panda if I'm right, the bag is from Jetset and the shoes are from a special offer :) x

Decided to add a few more items so you can get the best Rihanna inspired look ever! The trousers are from Giambattista Valli, the belts are from Balmain and the black dress is from basic! x

Hope you like this post! And if you really do, don't forget to put a comment below! :) xx

Black Street #18

Avenue de la faillite

Blusa: Pals / Calça: Millionaire Manison / Bolsa: LE (Decor) / Sapatos: Melbourne Minimalism / Pulseira: Glamur's / Anel: Glamur's / Brincos: Callie's Picks

Bonjour Paris

Blusa: Bonjour Bizou / Casaco: It Girls / Calça: LE / Sapato: LE / Bolsa: Callie´s Picks / Pingente: LE
Jufashionista4 xx


_quero ver ce tu aguenta a pegada da minina



Hi y'all! I hope you are good! So I was wondering what I could write about in this post and tbh I had no idea. So I ended up creating a really tiny summer lookbook with a "challenge": I had to wear the PPQ SS15 Bikini in all of my outfits. I bought it a few days ago and I must admit that I love it, it's simple and goes with everything, especially for summer outfits. You can find it in PPQ for 14 SD approximatively.
So yeah, I ended up with these three colorful and simple outfits and I am lowkey proud!

Don't mind my jewelries, I was too lazy to change them for each outfit.

               First outfit: Bikini - PPQ            Second outfit: Bikini - PPQ  Third outfit: Bikini - PPQ
               Top - Subcouture                        Top - Royalty                          Skirt - Voile
               Short - Evil Panda                       Belt - Jetset                           Shoes - Decades
               Shirt  - PPQ                                Shoes - Riviera
               Shoes - Special Offer



dont know why, but i got some serious cape cod vibes from this dress.
sweater // hot hot buys
turtleneck // ppq
dress // bonjour bizou
shoes // subcouture
bag // pretty n love


Exatamente em 12 de abril, recebi uma mensagem de Juankiss em meu Facebook. Como não conversávamos diariamente eu achei um pouco estranho, quando de repente ela me manda um convite maravilhoso! De Red Carpet e After Party.
A minha escolha de roupa foi bem diferente do que todos usaram e esperavam que eu usasse. A ideia do look foi toda de Blinnes, que escolheu: blusas de A.F. Vandevorst, saias de Elie Saab e bolsas da Chanel. A encarregada de dar vida a esses looks foi isabella810!

O evento foi maravilhoso! Uma noite para ficar na memória. Os convites do evento como também os interiores (tirando o do after party) foram maravilhosos! Tudo muito bem estruturado e bem original. A cartela de cores não foi lá das melhores, mas o resultado ficou ótimo. 

O evento premiou várias categorias, em até mesmo Black Beauty estaria concorrendo, mas não foi dessa vez que levamos o prêmio para casa. O prêmio que levamos para casa é o resultado que cada dia estamos criando e fazendo a diferencia, como por exemplo a modelo do ano que foi Janette Low, que além de negra é nossa postadora; e também o rosto mais bonito da festa, que foi de Lachelle e a bem mais vestida que foi Emmahunt, todas negras, o que me deixa bem feliz! 

  Lachelle premiada como rosto mais bonito da noite, veste vestido transparente Louis Vuitton e casaco de pele Dior. Por Lullih

Emmahunt premiada como mais bem vestida, usa vestido Balmain feito por Maria.

Como no Fashion Week, tivemos filtros do evento no SnapChat! Fazendo a movimentação de fotos aumentar. Tirei foto com várias amigas, até mesmo nessas fotos descobrimos uma cabine pinchada "Maria is a bitch" haha!



Blusa: Miss Sixty / Calça: LE / Blazer: LE / Cinto: Chanel Tribute / Bolsa: Chanel Tribute / Sapato: Nelly / Pingente: Fendi Tribute / Gola Branca: Criação de AngelinaVer. 

jufashionista4 xx 

Welcome to the big leagues

hi! i'm very excited to be a new writer for this blog. my name is kat, i'm 16 and i live in california. a bit about me: i love science and math, especially neuroscience and statistics, my favorite food is spaghetti, and one day i want to go cage diving with sharks. 
as far as my style goes, i would describe it as loud but put together, with lots of embellishments, bright colors, textures and patterns. 
i have been writing for my own blog, baby bare bones, for just over a month now, so i'm excited to be posting different looks here, too. 
- kat
jacket // bonjour bizou
top // windows on the world
pin // antidote
pants // limited edition
bag // fendi
shoes // callie's picks

I hate you and your sluts friends

Blusa: Criação de Laia_Fergusson / Calças: Original Future / Sapatos: SubCouture / Bolsas: SubCouture/ Lenço: Fendi / Colar: Dior / Anel: Especial Offer Dior


Bra: PPQ - Coat: It girls - Trousers: Bonjour Bizou - Clutch: DECADES - Shoes: PPQ