As famosas botas masculinas estão cada vez mais dominando o closet masculino. Saindo da área casual e indo até a área social, as botas estão deixando os homens mais confortáveis, despojados, e elegantes. DJWSM decidiu investir no par de botas da Balmain, que por sua vez tomou conta totalmente do seu outfit. Com detalhes dourados, a coturno fez um cheque mate com a pochete da Antidote e com o óculos Vinyl. Tá aí uma ótima sugestão de look que pode ser usado tanto diurno ou noturno.


Glasses: Limited Edition / Blouse: Limited Edition / Pants: It Girls / Sandals: Dior / Laptop Case: Mr.

Azul Majorelle

Dress: Saint Laurent / Boots: Antidote / Sunglasses: Anditode


Substituindo o salto alto, dessa vez o tênis esportivo está em nossa mira! Em um lugar onde as dores não são sentidas e somente levamos em consideração a beleza visual, o tênis acaba sendo deixado de escanteio. Mas EmmyIsAShorty olhou uma beleza não somente visual no tênis Silver Sneakers da Original Future, como também o conforto, a elegância e a simplicidade. O seu outfit ficou perfeito, total sport, além do seu cabelo platinado que é maravilhoso e deixa qualquer um de queixo caído.

Just one more outfit

Jacket: Fendi / Pants: Antidote / Shoes: Tributes Gallery / Bag: Antidote / Synglasses: Gucci / Belt: Fendi / Playsuit: Royalty

You're my violet.

Blazer - Pét a Porter 
Shirt - Callie's Pick
Skirt - Voile+YSL Tribute
Bag - Mr.
Shoes - Special Offer
Face - Perfect Day
Belt - Pretty in Pink+Miss Sixty

Red stripes on the sea

Blouse: Dolce & Gabbana / Pants: Rio / Sunglasses: Riviera / Earrings: Trails / Sandals: Young Hollywood / Hat: Riviera / Purse: Bonjour Bizou


Top: Bonjour Bizou - No Secrets Top + Stardoll Academy - Puffy Pirate Shirt + Stardoll Feat. - White Chocker Necklace
Pants: Special Offer - GOM Fade Out Black Denim
Belt: Gucci Tribute
Jacket: Museum Mile - Fedem Jacket + Basics - Red shirt
Boots: Limited Edition - Pantashoes
Glasses: The JetSet

apaixonadíssima por esse interior!

Prada Baby

                        Shirt-Pals/ Prada Bustier-by Wangie./ Skirt-Nelly and Riviera/ Belt-by Yulissahermosa/ Shoes-Decades                                                  


O alternativo passou a ser uma alternativa. Tolady decidiu investir no sapato Clear Straps Metallic Heels da Velvet Orchid. A sandália de tiras em plástico transparente e salto metálico caiu perfeitamente no look must-have. Mesmo sendo um sapato de difícil combinação, parece não ter sido um problema para ela. A capa de chuva não se usa somente para tempos chuvosos, além de confortável tem lá seu charme e estilo urbano. Os óculos da Antidote são uma tendência, mas também é um acessório difícil de encaixar no outfit, e mesmo assim ele parece ser feito perfeitamente para Tolady.

I woke up Gabbana today

Clothing Set: Limited Edition / Bag: Limited Edition / Sunglasses: Limited Editon


 After a long break,ı am here cooler than ever!    
                                                                           The items that ı used:
  -also the beret by Allison(MagdalenaDior) and the Balenciaga quote by Melek(3melekbir_arada)-
 Hope you like it xo
  lots of love

Homeless with Fendi bags

Body: SubCouture / Pants: Limited Edition / Bag: Fendi / Sandals: It Girls / Sunglasses: Velvet Orchid / Coat: SubCouture 

Met Gala Inspo.

Not so sure about this look, but I really wanted to share it. 

Blazer - Bizou / Acc. - Perfect Day / Dress - Decades, Wild Candy & Archive / Shoes - Special Gift / Tights - Royal. 

Because the booty don't lie

Coat: Strike a Pose / Pants: It Girls / T-shirt: Nelly.com / Shoes: Pals / Sunglasses: It Girls / Earring: SubCouture


Olá! Sou nova aqui e estou muito lisonjeada em participar deste blog incrível. Sou a Lilicylady no stardoll e meu facebook é Melissa Sd :) espero que vocês gostem e se identifiquem com meus looks prometo trazer o melhor de mim aqui <3 é isso beijos e até a próxima ^^   

Introducing: hankipankidoni

Hello everyone!
My name is Bridget, also known as 'hankipankidoni' on
Stardoll and I would like to proudly introduce myself
as one of the new writers of Black Beauty!

I'd like to give a definition of my style, but
it changes with my mood and creative 
thoughts, usually I go for hybrid looks, combining
certain styles of certain eras together, as well as
combining prints, colors and silhouettes. 

The items that were used in this particular outfit are: Bonjour Bizou Parisian Barett Hat -
LE  Layered Plissé Top - Mr. Long Sleeved Shirt - Tingeling White Tailored Trousers - Runway
Lace Frill Socks - Voile Tiffany Shoes - Epiphany Gold Tick Tock Earring
- Epiphany Single Floral Sculpture Earring

Flamingo de domingo

Blazer: Miss Stardoll World / Vestido: Museum Mile + Callie's Picks / Blusa: Young Hollywood / Sapatos: Young Hollywood / Óculos: Dolce & Gabbana


Pants - LE + Details: Linen Tunic by Wild Candy (x2) / Top: Cavallerizza Shirt by Pét-à-Porter + White Tank by Fallen Angel + Puffy Pirate Shirt by Stardoll Academy + Collared Top by Bonjour Bizou / Shoes - Callies Pick / Belt - Pretty In Pink / Bag - Mr.

*Especialmente feliz por esses interiores do MAC. #ProudCarioca*


Slung Moto Jkt - Evil Panda + Oversized Coat - Marc Jacobs + Black Blazer - Decades (por trás) / Baseball Tunic - Original Future / HB Smells Like Roses Sweatshirt - It Girls + White Tank - Fallen Angel (x2) / Suede Mesh Boots - PPQ / Earrings - Subcouture / ''F'' - Fenty x Puma FW17 Inspired by Stardesign Hair (leiona_-)

x tell me what you think of it!

Just flowers

I love stardesign hair..so when I see something nice I want buy! That shoes is just faaaaaab!!

Stereo Blue

Blusa: Pretty'n Love / Jaqueta: Balmain / Calça: It Girls / Bolsa: Limited Edition / Sapatos: Gucci / Óculos: Fendi


New store on shopping!
Dress/Interior/Art - Windows on the world.

Black beauty

I just love my new look. That hair is amazing and that choker with bag just looooove! (Made by me, of course).

May Day Inspo.

Blouse - Subcouture / Blazer - Decades / Pants - Chanel Tribute / Bag - PPQ / Socks - Vinyl / Shoes - Jimmy Choo Tribute / Glasses - Callie's Pick / Belt - Film Theory.

Orange is the new black.

Headpiece: tingeling halloween couture
White shirt: antidote
Orange vest: antidote
Bag: archive
Shoes: hair design


Body: Subcouture | Skirt: Balmain | Belt: Wild Candy 
  Chanel bag: Decades | Stilleto Booties: Nelly.com


Trenchcoat: Subcouture / Ruflled top: LE / Rib Skirt: Nelly.com / Classic Pumps: YH / Bag: Pretty n' Love / Tom Ford Glasses: HB

jufasshionista4 xoxo


Lace dress: Dolce&Gabbana | Clutch: Zuhair Murad | Shoes: Just Cavalli
Earings: PPQ

Ouro podre

Jaqueta: Balmain / Blusa: Basics + Bonjour Bizou / Colares: Chanel + Youg Hollywood / Cinto: Fendi / Bolsa: Nelly / Calça: Dior / Sapatos: The JetSet / Brincos: Limited Editon / Óculos: Callie's Picks + SubCouture 

Custom jeans

                      Blusa: Nelly  |  Jaqueta: SubCouture  |  Calça: Mr.  |  Sapato: Pals 

Its all about the Visual.

Jai here back and better than ever, with some words to share. I know i've fallen completely off the face of the earth for some one you; and to others this is an introduction of myself; either way thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy my thought process behind todays look and some life updates.

So just to get them out of the way let me share some life updates and reasonings for being so quiet as of lately. First and foremost i'm a college student and sometimes that gets overwhelming and causes me to disappear for the sake of focus; despite this I still thought of a lot of you in the community during my leave and it was extremely difficult not to fall back into the immersive world of Dollywood but when it comes to school I had to shift priorities for a bit. The good news is I will graduate with a Bachelors this spring and move forward into achieving my Masters in Business Administration!

One other big factor that has kinda pulled me away is the fact I have fallen in love and i'm currently in a pretty serious relationship (for those of you who watched my lives know i'm referring to Alex). Wont share much beyond that point; but we are happy and things are going great. 

Life updates to the side, lets get to what you came here for; Here is my look and the though process behind it!

To Start off, I made a conscious decision that this year and going forward I would not blog stardoll looks; but more of PNG visual looks. I do believe PNG clothing is the future of Dollywood and that Stardoll simply isn't keeping up anymore.

As far as the individuals that made the items I honestly only know a select few due to some of these pieces being a year old but the boots are by Laura Lucy and sadly thats all I know (If anyone knows the other talented individuals please let me know).

Its been cold (still unfortunately) so it seemed only fitting I wore and oversized gaudy fur coat with a plush Birkin Bag topped off with a hat for a bit of mystery. I just really was feeling a bit outcast/odd "wannabe" and I channeled it into todays look.

Whats your favorite item i'm wearing and what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Remember, Black is still beautiful and recognizing that is still important! xo.

Channel Orange

Bomber - Stardoll Feat // Belt - Fallen Angel // Top - Special Offer // Polo - Stardoll // 
Pants - Callie's Pick // Shorts - Active // Bag - Mr. // Shoes - Nelly.com // Brooch - Gucci // 
Chain - Fallen Angel

Sexy Rocker

Jacket: Bonjour Bizou / Top: SO- HO / Skirt: Velvet Orchid / Bag: M M Fashion / Karlito: Fendi Tribute / Boots: Cheap Monday / Socks: Vinyl / Chocker: Antidote / Glasses: LE 

jufashionista4 xx


A marca registrada do verão são os tons fortes, e as vezes ficamos tão apaixonadas com as cores e as positividades que elas nos trazem que sem perceber as estações se trocam e as cores permanecem. Aby400 decidiu apostar nas cores para o clima frio. Junto ao seu casaco de lona azul, ela misturou óculos escuros The JetSet com um vestido de moletom colorido. Os sapatos Limited Edition chegaram em uma coleção de verão e nem por isso eles são descartados no inverno, com muita elegância e bastante equilíbrio Aby nos mostrou isso!